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Griffith Cup

The 2015 Griffith Cup will be held on May 3 from 12-6pm


2015 Griffith Cup Champions – Park Street Pulverizers

The Griffith Cup is an exhibition tournament held at the end of the spring season. It is an all-day event where all six intramural teams compete against each other in a bracket based on the season’s standings. The winning team has their team and captains’ names engraved on the Griffith Cup trophy.

The previous Griffith Cup champions are as follows:
2015 - the Park Street Pulverizers
2014 – the Boylston Berserkers
2013 - the Old North Outlaws
2012 - the Park Street Pulverizers
2011 - the Boylston Berserkers
2010 - the Boylston Berserkers
2009 – the Faneuil Falcons